It’s Time for a Blogging Revolution


I couldn’t agree with this more article more.

There is something I’d like to add, though.  For about six or seven years I’ve known that my blogs have been suffering due to the time I spend on Facebook.  I’m nearly Facebook addicted.  I’ve tried to figure out all of the reasons that it’s so addictive, and I’d always chalked it up to the ability to catch up with everybody in one spot.

Then I realized that not only did my blogging suffer, I stopped emailing people and started sending them private messages in Facebook.  One day, some time earlier this year, I had arranged an appointment with somebody, via Facebook.  Then Facebook went down.  And I realized, I didn’t have ANY OTHER WAY to contact that person.  It was a little creepy to think of how much of my life I’d turned over to Facebook and how much I used it for things, like contacting people.  I’m a girl with a physical address book, and I have let this happen to me.

Now I know it isn’t just that I can contact everybody easily.  That is a pretty good perk, but reading this article, I realize how much of it is the dead-end warren of mazes that Facebook makes us run around, simply to always end up still inside of the Facebook box.  I spend a lot of time in that box.  I have been making an effort to spend a bit more time outside of it.  Although, I’m pretty well forced to share things VIA Facbook, but as you can tell by the article, it’s hard to tell the impact it’s having.

Find the blogs you like and sign up with them via email.  Email friends and family a bit more than you used to.  And if you have a friend or group you care about, you have to share their stuff of it doesn’t help them a whole lot in driving traffic to their blogs.

Peace and Change!

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