Everything Is Temporary

Heart Goddess Art

There is a lot of beauty in this world.  I wake up each day with dozens of things to be thankful for.  Space heaters, sunny windows and mushroom soup, sleepy daughters and brave friends are on today’s list of just a few.

When I think of all the amazing people I know and can call my friends, I am humbled.  The family members who care about me and send me their love, I hope to love them well, too.

Here’s the “but” though.  For each thing I am happy about, I feel a little sad.  I feel sad because I am ever aware of how temporary everything is.  This has become more marked as I have gotten older.  While my ability to experience deep joy and tight bonds has grown, so has the sad little tug at my heart.

For each joy I enfold, there is a sad story I…

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