I’m an artist and writer living in a tiny liberal town in the DC suburbs.  My goals are to live authentically, love deeply and connect with people through my work.

You could definitely call me a feminist, fairytale lover, sensualist and brave scaredy cat.  Sometimes I’m chasing the bird and sometimes the bird chases me.

I’m a Marine brat who grew up on or near bases my entire childhood.  Oh-rah!  Semper fi!  Marines marching in their uniforms still make me all a-tingle.

I try to practice gratitude every day because there is always something to be grateful for.  I enjoy music, chocolate and wine as part of my writing regimen.  You can usually find an empty foil wrapper somewhere near my keyboard.  From the spring until winter, I try to stay active so my body won’t break down on me.  During the winter, I hibernate with soups, teas and fuzzy socks.

The love of my life edits my work.  He’s a fantastic writer, so stop by and see what he is up to at WilliamCHardy.com.



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