Stretching Outside of the Comfort Zone

Yesterday a friend send me a message encouraging me to enter a contest she’d entered at  They have a monologue challenge going.  Writers can submit two writing pieces – up to 250 spoken words.  The theme is “Love Letter” for the past two weeks.  Then for the next two weeks actors can submit up to two, two minute readings of the items that were entered.  There are money prizes – $200 for first place.  No entry fee.  250 words is not much writing.  So after some more cheer-leading from her, I went ahead and decided to do it.  At first I was going to submit just one entry.  It poured out of me.  And it was really different than anything else I’d written, so I went ahead and wrote another.  Which was also different than what I would expect myself to write with the theme “Love Letter.”

I’m a hopeless (hopeful) romantic and I had expected I would channel my feelings towards my partner.  But instead I just wrote some pure fiction out of nowhere in a style I am totally not used to, about things that were a little weird for me to write.  I was fine right up until the moment after I hit the submit button for the second piece, because then my heart started pounding.  I couldn’t take it back.  It was out there for people to see and share and like or hate and my face was in the corner of the submission and my name, too.  And ACK!  So, naturally, I shared it to Facebook to say I was freaked out, but to also let my actor friends know about the contest.  It would be cool to see my actor friends read the letters.

You can find each letter in the link below.  If you felt like sharing them on Facebook or twitter, that would be great.  If you are an actor and want to perform, I can’t wait to see what you do with them!  The letters are both female.  One is for a teen girl – but it’s sort of mature subject matter.  And the other would work for any woman between 18-30.  But that’s just inside-the-box thinkin’.

Waiting For Carl