Havre de Inspiration



This is a corner building in Havre de Grace, Maryland.  I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Victorian inspired architecture, especially turrets.

My sweetheart took that photo then edited it to make it a little more magical.  It’s images like this that inspire me to write stories.

Havre de Grace is a lovely little town.  I recommend staying a weekend at a B&B or at a guest house.  There aren’t many, because it’s a tiny town, so book ahead.

Also, don’t forget to stop by Bomboy’s for some candy.

The last time we were there for a weekend we lucked upon an arts festival and acquired a lovely hammered copper spoon necklace and some handmade candles and soap.  As a sensualist things like handmade soaps and candles with their rich scents and lovely packaging make me happy the way tea parties and hot bubble baths do.  Not to mention, supporting small businesses and independent artists.  Winning!

Kiss Me


There are few things more eternally intimate than a memorable kiss.

Give me a soft, warm kiss on a summer night by a field of fireflies.  Lips slightly parted.  Eyes closed.  Flesh tingling.

Though I have had many more kisses than I can count, there is one that is more memorable than all of the others.

A summer party outside in the country and we’d only just met.  The band was playing and lights were twinkling and so were the fireflies.  The sound of laughter and boisterous beer drinking was going on all around us.  But it all disappeared when he put his lips to mine, like some special lens on a movie camera, making everything blurry at the edges.

It was like drinking a strong, smooth Scotch for the first time.  I could feel it, warmth traveling down the center of me.  And I would recall it many times later, craving another taste of that soft swell of passion.

Sleeping Beauty

I shot this photo back in 2010 and now have some fresh edits for it.  Hopefully the feature image will be on the main page.  Something weird happened with my last post and the feature image wouldn’t show.

Sleeping Beauty

Model: Ariel Thomas
Photographer: Heather Brooks
The font is from here:  http://www.1001freefonts.com/

The name of the font is Uechi.

Minolta DSC

She’s Pretending to BE Somebody


Natalie loves an adventure and to play dress up.  She’s not especially shy.  Putting her in a red hooded cape and posing all over a public park was no big deal for her.  At one point during the shoot we were down by the edge of the water and Natalie was posing.  We could hear a little girl on the nearby trail excitedly saying, “Look!  She’s pretending to be somebody!”

We both laughed and I think it really made our day.

Though I have done many shoots for various reasons, this particular shoot is for the cover of my book “Red August.”


Story Games


My sweetheart and I play a game. One of us makes up a sentence and then the other one invents a short story that begins with that sentence.

Sometimes the stories hit dead-ends. Other times they wind on for a long while. This is a good game for when you’re traveling, but can be quite difficult if you have to focus on something else.  Also, it’s sometimes difficult to remember the names and other details you’ve put in at the beginning as the story gets longer.

Perhaps I ought to try it with my computer handy and see what turns up.